Quirky Cafe and Signs

Last Sunday, inspite of my sore ankle, I went hiking with my group to Vasquez Rocks and the Devil’s Punchbowl in the desert.

Ebie in Vasquez Rocks by Irina

Photo by Irina

That’s Vasquez Rocks in the background.  Although I did not join the 5-mile trek, I accomplished only 3/4 of a mile, taking my time enjoying the scenery.

On the way home, we stopped at Charlie Brown’s where you see some odd and funny things.

Mustache Magnet

One of them was this refrigerator magnets which I lined up to take a picture.

Wine Flask

This is a wine flask under locked and key.

This is not a paid AD.

Charlie Briwn

Have you heard of Little Rock?  This is the name of the town where the store is located along Pear Blossom Highway.

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El Corrido de Ricardo Valdez

El Corrido de Ricardo Valdez is the name of this mural, painted by Juan Solis.  Corrido in Spanish, is a popular narrative song and poetry form, a ballad.  This is the artist’s first large mural measuring 20′ x 30′ at Mariachi Plaza in East Los Angeles.

Mariachi Plaza-29a

This was taken on November 18, 2012, when our photography group attended the Mariachi Festival in East LA.  We took the train to Union Station, which was very convenient.  That’s a real person sitting on the bench.  I was waiting for him to get up but he did not.

Mariachi Plaza-25a

He looks like he’s taking a power nap.

Mariachi Plaza-30a

El Corrido de Ricardo Valdez  – Juan Solis ©1994

Mariachi Plaza-27a

Juan Solis, prominent artist and muralist of Los Angeles, began painting when he was 12. His art often depicts the reality of his own life in his work. It reflects cultural aspects of his community as well.  Inspired with the beauty of his family and the women in his life – his mother, his sister, his niece, or that special woman.

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